Question How do products containing Macadamia Oil work with naturally oily skin?
AnswerMacadamia oil absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, it mimics your skins natural sebum, and triggers your  “oil producing” (sebaceous) glands to slow down oil production
Question I have very sensitive skin, do your products cause any reactions?
AnswerOur products have been tried with all types of sensitive skin, including eczema, psoriasis, allergy prone – all with great results.  Our products are all natural, we’ve added Peptides for performance but no fragrance as that can be a trigger.
Question Why do you have a separate ``Hydrate`` step?
AnswerWe found best results were achieved when the products were kept as pure as possible.  The performance of the Hydrating Base Serum is maximised as a separate step & works as an amazing base for the Face Repair & Eye Repair Serums.
Question Do all your products contain Macadamia Oil, and how much?
AnswerAll our products except for the Hydrating Base Serum contain significant amounts of Macadamia Oil.
Question Why have you added Peptides to 2 of your products?
AnswerQuite simply we wanted our products to work by improving the structure of your skin.  We have used Peptides in amounts that are scientifically proven to build collagen (with data to back it up), rather than adding token amounts which  do very little.  And whilst it was more expensive to produce,  we are confident that the results will speak for themselves.
Question I want my partner to start taking care of his skin, what should I purchase for him?
AnswerNobody wants to purchase items that aren’t used. He will either be a Shave Oil and Aftershave Moisturiser guy, or he will be into all the products and have a system going.  You will probably know which one he is, but if you are unsure get the Shave Oil and Aftershave Moisturiser to start.
Question Whats different about your Shave Oil?
AnswerThere are plenty of Shave Oils out there which are basically a lubricant to help the razor glide.  We are more sneaky than that, we made the best Face Oil we could and offer it as a Shave Oil, it has the same composition as some of the expensive moisturising oils on the market.  This means that whilst you are shaving with it, your skin is also benefitting from absorbing it – rejuvenating & making your skin softer to the touch.  As with the Aftershave Moisturiser,  you don’t need to wait until you shave to use it.

Question What is the Hydrating Base Serum & how does it work?
AnswerHydrating Base Serum consists of pure hyaluronic acid with some other premium products. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in your body & has the amazing ability to hold up to 300 times its own weight in water – our product is completely absorbed into the skin in about 15 seconds trapping & holding moisture within the skin.  It is a fantastic base for our Face Repair Serum & Eye Repair Serum.
Question I noticed you don't have a night cream in your range.
AnswerAll our products are designed to be quickly absorbed into your skin where they do the most good – we have no heavy creams that sit on top.  By using our regime morning & night your skin is kept hydrated, moisturised & rejuvenated, whilst our premium peptides are busy rebuilding your collagen.
Question I am a fake tan user, when do I put this on my skin, before or after moisturising?
AnswerOur products do there best work on clean bare skin, once products are absorbed apply fake tan lotion.  After a spray tan, continue using our products, but avoid exfoliating to maximise the duration of your tan.  You will work out what is best for your particular type of tan.
Question Where does sunscreen fit into the equation?
AnswerOur products have a natural SPF level which it built up through layering, however we recommend use of a dedicated sunscreen especially when exposed to sun.  Sunscreen should be applied over our skincare products, not under.  I prefer a light spray 50+SPF currently on the market as you can put this over your makeup without making a mess, but any sunscreen is good or even a foundation with a high SPF rating.
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