We are a small and tightly knit team of skincare specialists and creative thinkers, with decades of experience in our fields.

Working closely with our Formulating Chemist and local Manufacturer, we have been able to develop a truly honest and unpretentious range of skincare products for both women and men , that really works.

It was Important to us to have the products made in Australia, consist of all natural ingredients, include serious peptides and have no added fragrance.  We have not compromised on performance nor spared any expense on the best quality ingredients available.  We have used only the most effective components, in amounts that are documented and proven to give results.  There are no cheap fillers or base lotions in this range, and we have refused to use ineffective amounts of active ingredients (like peptides) just to promote our products as containing them.

Development of the Macadamia Plus skincare ranges has been a genuine labour of love, and we are honestly proud of the results.  From the amazing products themselves, to the beautiful packaging, this hands on experience has been exciting and fulfilling.  Our aim was to provide a complete womens and mens range of fantastic products that really perform, at a price that is affordable.  Also as our moisturising products are serums, only a small amount is required, making them even more economical.

We have every confidence that once you try these products, you will be amazed with the improvement you will see and feel in your skin.